Recently, it has been observed that India is witnessing a phenomenal rise in women entrepreneurship. The successful presence of women in almost every field has a great impact on women entrepreneurship. More and more women at different levels of education, social background and age group are thinking of self-employment because of government policies. The new policies are quite friendly to pursue entrepreneurship as one of the lucrative career options among the ambitious women. Udyam Sakhi is the project which is designed to give such women to feel comfortable by getting the right information to go for self-employment on one single portal.

This UDYAM SAKHI platform enlightens women entrepreneurs through :

  • Entrepreneurship Learning Tools
  • Simple way of preparing business plan
  • Availability of suitable trainings, Seminars and workshops
  • Information of Government Policies and Programmes
  • Information of every state Directorate of Industries and Policies of that state
  • Finance Schemes for Small Businesses by Ministry of MSME
  • Finance Scheme designed by important individual banks in line with Government Policies and directives
  • Marketing information
  • Information of world class MSME-Technology Centres of M/o MSME
  • Business meets Buyer Seller Meets and Exhibitions
  • Incubation Facilities
  • Assistance for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Assistance for Cluster Development Programmes
  • Networking and events for international business promotion
  • Mentors in business and many more facilities

The features as mentioned above will be kept on updating from time to time as per the feedback given by users of the portal.

We hope your visit to this portal is a first step of success to entrepreneurship.